Who We Are

The Programme

The Teen Challenge programme provides a proven cure for life-controlling addictions, by helping people break free from drugs and/or alcohol through applying the principles of the Bible.

Because residents have abused substances, many lack self-discipline and have developed negative views of themselves, authority and life in general. This affects their behaviours and ability to maintain relationships, employment or a tenancy.

We truly believe we can ‘offer freedom from addiction’ and it is our aim, through Christian principles and a disciplined supported housing environment, to empower individuals to escape addiction onto freedom, independent living and a life they can be proud of.

We have found that structure and routine are at the centre of a person’s self-worth and dignity, so have developed personal behavioural objectives and a daily schedule that produces real, lasting physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

The programme, which takes 12 – 18 months to complete, has been devised to help each individual resident:

    • Realise their potential
    • Identify their skills and abilities
    • Be responsible about their past
    • Make the most of the present
    • Plan positively for the future


The course provides a balanced mixture of class-based studies and practical workshops, which equip students with a range of skills in, for example, cooking, bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, gardening, plumbing, electrical and administration.

After completing the programme, graduates continue to receive support from Teen Challenge in career and further education opportunities, establishing homes and finance management.