What We Do

Make It Happen

With the ability to work and hold down a job being an essential part of everyday life, at Teen Challenge North East Scotland we put a real focus on acclimatising residents to working schedules, in preparation of them leaving the centre and starting new lives.

Alongside faith-based lessons, our MIH (Make It Happen) scheme helps to enhance the self-worth and dignity of men on the programme, many of whom enter Sunnybrae having lived lives of little – and often no – discipline.

The work sees residents carry out a range of tasks, including landscape gardening, window cleaning and, during the festive season, wreath making, for clients across the North East.

We also have a talented team – led by a staff member who has more than 20 years’ experience in the building trade – which designs and builds a range of garden sheds and bespoke sun houses for customers, with all profits being used to support the funding of the centre.

As well as equipping individuals with knowledge, skills and abilities, undertaking the work duties helps to instil integrity, initiative and reliability – attributes that serve people well, not only in the workplace but in all areas of life. Our goal is also to help set up budding entrepreneurs in business, and MIH provides residents with the opportunity to lead teams of men and acquire extensive business experience and acumen, which they can take with them as they create fresh, exciting lives for themselves.