Fundraisers pass finish line of 600-mile Crosswalk Challenge

Crosswalk 2

A mammoth team effort has seen The People’s Crosswalk Challenge successfully completed.

Around 200 people got involved with 600-mile trek, organised as part of our Buy Benaiah campaign.

The initiative, led by Teen Challenge North East Scotland Area Manager Gordon Cruden, saw supporters carry a 12-ft cross around Scotland, clocking up around 20 miles each day, over the course of a month.

Gordon says he was hugely encouraged by the support received for the Challenge, commenting: “It’s blown my mind how kind people are. There was a family that met me on day two in Peterhead and they came down to see how I was getting on on day 29.

“In Montrose I stopped outside a woman’s house and she had me come in for a cup of tea.

“It’s been amazing how much people have stepped up to help carry it. They’ve been aged from seven to 90.”

The walk began on Easter Sunday, April 16, and ended on Monday, May 15.

Money is still being donated but, to date, the challenge has raised around £15,000 for the Buy Benaiah campaign, bringing the current total raised to £435,000.

Our Buy Benaiah campaign is a five-year fundraising drive to raise the £535,000 required to buy women’s addiction recovery home, Benaiah, near Mintlaw. The facility – which allows mothers to continue living with their children while they complete the faith-based recovery programme, Teen Challenge – is currently rented.

However, the purchase of the property would mean the centre could continue to provide females with residential support on a permanent basis and, ultimately, help many more women break free from the horrors of addiction to live clean, free lives.