Australian Motorbike Challenge to wrap up Buy Benaiah campaign


Our Area Manager Gordon Cruden is hitting the roads of Australia for a major, month-long fundraising challenge.

This October, Gordon will tackle the Australian Motorbike Challenge, circumnavigating the country over the course of 30 days.

The initiative will see Gordon circle Australia on a Harley Davidson, as he looks to raise final funds to purchase women’s addiction recovery home Benaiah.

The Buy Benaiah campaign was launched two years ago to raise £535,000/AUS$900,000 to purchase the women’s residential centre, near Mintlaw.

The facility – which allows mothers to continue living with their children while they complete the faith-based recovery programme, Teen Challenge – is currently rented.

However, the buying the property would mean the centre could continue to provide females with residential support on a permanent basis and help many more women break free from the horrors of addiction to live clean, free lives.

A range of previous challenges completed by Gordon – including the 2015 Euro Bike Challenge and the 2016 American Motorbike Challenge – as well as initiatives organised by supporters, has brought the total raised to date to around £500,000/AUS$840,470; 93% of the target amount.

Helping and encouraging Gordon throughout the Australian Motorbike Challenge will be members of Christian Motorcycle Club, God’s Squad.

The global organisation, which was founded in Australia in the late 1960s, reaches out to the outlaw biker community, helping those on the fringes of society.

Members of the club will ride with Gordon – a member of the UK chapter of God’s Squad – on various stages of his epic journey.

Throughout the challenge, Gordon will also visit Teen Challenge centres – the organisation has more than 1,000 facilities in over 100 countries – in Australia, to learn and share good practice.

Gordon commented: “The Australian Motorbike Challenge is the final fundraising challenge of our Buy Benaiah initiative and what a way to cap the campaign. The barren lands, dehydration and 600-mile rides will mean it will be tough but I am extremely grateful to have the support of God’s Squad and Teen Challenge.

“Both do exceptional work helping the lost, broken and marginalised, which is ultimately what the Australian Motorbike Challenge is all about – Buying Benaiah and giving many more women the opportunity to break free from their addictions.

“We feel this challenge will bring us over the finishing line for our fundraising so I am excited and expectant about touching down in Australia in October, hitting the roads, meeting the great people of the country – and buying Benaiah.”

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