10 days, 14 countries, 4,510 miles and counting…

1901164_911832565536257_8795865904084655212_n10 days on from riding fresh out of the city of Lisbon, Gordon is feeling the effects of clocking up the first 4,510 miles of the Euro Bike Challenge.

One third of his way through, he has already had an almighty adventure, having passed through 14 of the target 47 European countries.

However, the continent’s roads have thrown up an array of tests and trials, including pot-holes, ticket-happy Policemen, seriously slippery surfaces and traffic chaos in the heart of Madrid while a wee football match was being played (the Champions League quarter final derby between city rivals Real and Atletico…).

Along the way he’s soaked up some breath-taking sights, journeying through routes laced with waterfalls, dams, bridges and stunning picturesque landscapes.

Helping Gordon throughout the Challenge have been some fantastically big-hearted people, who have been eager to refuel him with fine food and give him a bed for some much-needed shut-eye.

Some of these folks are long-time friends of his but some aren’t. They’ve simply been moved and stirred by the campaign to Buy Benaiah; our female residential addiction recovery centre.

Here, women with life-controlling addictions can be completely set free through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Uniquely, the facility allows mothers to continue living with their children while their lives are turned around.

The centre is currently rented but if we can raise £500,000 over five years then we’ll be able to purchase the property and provide hurting women with life-changing support on a permanent basis.

And that’s what the Euro Bike Challenge is all about – shining a light on the plight of women trapped in the horror of addiction. Ultimately, Gordon is travelling a gruelling 500 miles a day to help many more women get on the road to recovery.

The fundraising total currently stands at £161K, which is amazing – THANK YOU to all who have kindly contributed.

Just imagine if we could cheer Gordon all the way home to bonny Scotland on May 20th – 15,000 miles done and dusted and a giant step closer to making the Buy Benaiah dream a reality.