Grateful hearts

Sunnybrae sunset

As the sun sets on 2014, Sunnybrae residents are being encouraged to reflect back on the breakthroughs and blessings they’ve enjoyed over the last 12 months.

With most of these guys having diced with death while caught up in addiction, many have commented that they’re thankful for simply still being alive.

Here are a few other statements of gratitude from the residents, after we asked them; “What are you thankful for?”

“For hitting rock bottom – cause the only way is up.”

“That I am off a prescription, out of the darkness and have a chance to get my life together.”

“Family and friends who have never turned their backs on me.”

“For the hope I now have.”

“That I’ve been able to get closer to God.”

“For my blood test results coming back clear.”

“That I’ve found my smile again!”

These responses may differ to what the majority of people give thanks for but they certainly shed light on the cold reality of life for people who have been ravaged by drugs.

What we, as staff, are thankful for are that these men have courageously taken the step into Sunnybrae and, ultimately, started the journey towards total freedom.

We’re thankful that we get the opportunity to witness these men meet God and, in the process, have their hearts regenerated and their lives transformed.

And we’re incredibly thankful for the help we receive from each and every one of our supporters, who all play a huge role in allowing us to be able to give hurting people the chance to turn their lives around.

So from all the grateful hearts at Sunnybrae, thank you.

‘Give thanks in all circumstances…’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18.